Scholarship Program for U.S. Medical Students

CAPS is offering scholarships of $2000 to $5000 each annually to students in United States medical schools. The CAPS Scholarships are open to medical students regardless of their hometown, sex, race or color. The applicants must be current medical students and are judged according to their academic achievements, financial needs, community service records and essays. Special credit is also given to those who are willing to serve the Chinese communities after their graduation. Our 2022-2023 scholarship program has started. Download the application by clicking the green button below.

The following medical students are the recipients of our society's 2021-2022 scholarships

Grant Wen, MS II at Johns Hopkins

Caroline Wu, MS III at Georgetown

Jade Tso, MS I at U.C.Davis

Christopher Lan, MS III at U.C.Davis

Jennifer Lin, MS III at Rochester

Daniel Chen, MS I at Case Western

Tomothy Do, MS I at U.C.Davis

Personal statement from one of the recent scholarship recipients

If you need more information about our scholarship program, please contact 

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